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About Us

Avanos Anadolu Çömlekçilik A.Ş was established in 1997 in Avanos – Capadocia. It is a Turkish – German Company with 50% shares.We have been exporting 70-98% of Total production and have beein delivering nearly 30% to the Domestic Market. We have two Factory in same area. In the First Factory production Methods are handicraftsmanship, casting, jiggering and plaster moulds. In the second Factory Automatic Production are used.
In both Factory Modern Gas Kilns are used.
We have been producing also painted items for indoor use and half glazed Yogurt Pots and Fireproof Kitchenware items since 2004.
Avanos Anadolu Çömlekçilik A.Ş is currently one of the leading Company with production
Methods and Capaticy in Turkey.

Garden Deco Items: We use the clays from the Local area and this clay makes all Garden items winterproof
Kitchenware: We use the clays from different area and mix them. This clay makes all Kitchenware items Fireproof.

Fitler Pres: We use Modern Filter Presses in production of Clay. We can prosess 30 tones clay per day.

Kilns and Firing:
We have 2 Big and 2 small Modern Gas Kilns. All items are fired under min. 1050 degree.

Open Area: 50.000 m²
Closed Area: 10.000 m²

Certificates : EN ISO 10545-12 ( For Winterproof İtems) , G50-0295 ( Licence to manufacture goods contact with Food)