» History


The Founder of the Factory is Mr.  Muhammet Parmaksız, who lived in Germany as a child of a expatriate family in  1980s and 1990s. During his life in Germay he experienced that Natural Pots and decoration items are very interesting in Europan countries and in 1996 he decided to export the handmade terracotta garden decoration items which are produced in Avanos where is very popular with pottery and natural beauties in Capadocia – Turkey. The exporting of the goods had started with small quantities. We can say that it is the beginning of the History.

The Fair Spoga GAFA 1997 was the important point of increasing the Capacity. In 1997 He met a swiss Businessman ‘ Mr Erich Ruegsegger who imports and sells Garden Decoration items. They believed that They can establish a Modern Factory and export the goods with their great experience to All Europe.

In 1997 Avanos Anadolu Çömlekçilik A.Ş was established with a small Building with 20 containers Capaticy. In the beginning, only handmade items were produced but  Capaticy were increased from year to year. In the same time jiggering, casting and manuel press production were included into prduction.

In 2004, Capaticy reached 120-150 containers per year and many kind of items were able to be produced  in The Factory. In the same time 2004 was an other important turning point for the

Company. We had a new Partnership with a German Company, Firma Scheerers which is a manufacturing Company in Germany. They decided to establish same Factory in Turkey and wanted make invsetment in Turkey. Then We had partnership with 50% shares with them. İn the same time Mr Erich ended his partnership beacuse he wanted to retire and have rest after long time in business  and hard working.

After starting new production with second Factory, Capaticy have been doubled.

While we were exporting 98% of the total Capaticy in the beginning, We have been exporting 70 % and marketing 30% in Domestic Market since 2004 because of great demands of Domestic Companies.

Now We have 300 -up 40’DC containers capaticy per year and have different kind of products in production.   Kithenware items also has a great importance in these products.

In over 13 years of operation, the Avanos Anadolu Çömlekçilik A.Ş  has taken over leading companies on major markets.